Bamboo Blanket


Made from 100% viscose bamboo fibers. It is great for babies as it is know for its  natural anti-allergic and antibacterial properties. and that makes it ideal for children sensitive skin. 


The bamboo blanket is pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable. It has self-sterilization properties and is hypoallergenic. It provides excellent thermoregulation, absorbs and neutralizes odors, giving a feeling of freshness and comfort of use.  your kids will love it.


different colours available (white, blue, grey and mustard)


Dimentions:  80x100

Material:        100% bamboo viscose fibre

Made in Poland  especialy for  FlintsDen, by Evantage Sport Pawel Zalewski, based in Karczew.  



Bamboo blanket (Grey)

SKU: 00083

Wash in 30 c,

do not tumbledry,

do not bleach

can iron in low heat or under the thin cloth

keep away from fire (product easily flamable)